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Event DateApptEvent Name
7/22/2014   SRC Tweens
7/22/2014   Nixon Book Worms (Nixon Library)
7/23/2014   SRC Preschool Storytime
7/23/2014   Family Game Night (Nixon Library)
7/23/2014   Adult Game Day at Nixon Library
7/23/2014   Food Truck Wednesday
7/24/2014   Intermediate Sign Language Classess
7/25/2014   Ribbon Cutting for J. Gumbo's
7/25/2014   SRC Toddler StoryTime
7/25/2014   American Girl Book Club (Nixon Library)
7/25/2014   Teen Book Club
7/28/2014   SRC MidKids
7/28/2014   SRC MidKids Party
7/28/2014   SRC Teens
7/29/2014   SRC Tweens
7/30/2014   SRC Preschool Party
7/30/2014   Family Game Night (Nixon Library)
7/30/2014   Adult Game Day at Nixon Library
7/30/2014   Food Truck Wednesday
7/31/2014   Intermediate Sign Language Classess
8/5/2014   Military-Gov't Relations Committee Meeting
8/6/2014   Adult Game Day at Nixon Library
8/6/2014   Food Truck Wednesday
8/7/2014   Intermediate Sign Language Classess
8/11/2014   Education Committee Meeting
8/12/2014   Family Movie: Divergent
8/13/2014   Food Truck Wednesday
8/13/2014   Adult Game Day at Nixon Library
8/14/2014   Intermediate Sign Language Classess
8/14/2014   Learn to Knit (Nixon Library)
8/14/2014   True Stories Book Club (Nixon Library)
8/15/2014   New Teacher Welcome
8/16/2014   Learn to Crochet (Nixon Library)
8/19/2014   In the Garden
8/19/2014   Summer Civic Summit, brought to you by CENTURYLINK
8/19/2014   Tween Club
8/20/2014   Preschool Storytime (Nixon Library)
8/20/2014   After-school Storytime (Nixon Library)
8/20/2014   Adult Game Day at Nixon Library
8/20/2014   Food Truck Wednesday
8/21/2014   Cabot~ Jacksonville Community Night
8/21/2014   Adult Movie: The Monuments Men
8/22/2014   Toddler Storytime at Nixon Library
8/22/2014   Teen Takeover
8/23/2014   Back to School Storytime
8/25/2014   Nucor Presents: State Chamber/ AIA Reverse Washington Fly-In
8/25/2014   Pulaski Technical College: Golf Tournament in memory of P.G. Bradford
8/26/2014   Nixon Book Worms (Nixon Library)
8/26/2014   Tween Club
8/27/2014   Family Game Night (Nixon Library)
8/27/2014   Preschool Storytime (Nixon Library)
8/27/2014   Food Truck Wednesday
8/27/2014   Adult Game Day at Nixon Library
8/28/2014   Adult Movie: Winter's Tale
8/29/2014   Toddler Sensory Time
8/29/2014   American Girl Book Club (Nixon Library)
8/29/2014   Teen Book Club
8/29/2014   Teen Takeover